Plans for 72 solar panels to be installed in a field near Harpenden have been submitted to St Albans City & District Council's planning committee.

The application would see two banks of panels created on Green Belt land at Old Raisins Farm, on Holly Lane.

A gravel bed would be installed over a weed membrane, covering a total area of 148.5sqm, described as "a minimal fraction of the total paddock".

Herts Advertiser: An example solar panel array.An example solar panel array. (Image: Drakes Renewables / St Albans City & District Council)

Green electricity will be supplied to the family dwelling on site, while any excess will be exported back to the grid "to be utilised by the local area".

A design and access statement included within the application states: "The project is designed to provide usable electricity, and the resulting scheme will enable the applicant to produce their own green electricity by harnessing the sun’s sustainable power, further reducing the region’s carbon footprint and increase its self sustainability."

The development would also "reduce the damaging effects to our planet associated with carbon emissions" and contribute towards the national and regional renewable energy targets".


The statement continues: "The proposed development is inappropriate development in the Green Belt.

"However, the proposal would provide a renewable energy source and would have limited harm to the openness of the Green Belt. This is considered to comprise very special circumstances."

Herts Advertiser: The development would take place at Old Raisins Farm.The development would take place at Old Raisins Farm. (Image: Google Maps)

Residents can comment or object to the application until December 16, using reference 5/2023/2075 at: