Donald Lydon, an optometrist operating in Harpenden, has been immediately suspended by the General Optical Council.

A hearing for the Lydon & Shirazi practitioner concluded on Wednesday, November 8, and alleged that Lydon had been continuing to practice as an optometrist while subject to an interim suspension.

The hearing also claimed that Lydon had altered dates on forms of patients seen during his interim suspension, and used forms that are meant for eye tests to dispense and offer aftercare for contact lenses.

A report by the General Optical Council hearing reads: "The matters set out in paragraph one above were misleading and/or dishonest, in that you knew and/or or ought to have known, that contact lens assessments and/or contact lens aftercare cannot be claimed for using GOS 1 and/or GOS 3 (forms).

"The matters set out at paragraph two above were misleading and/or dishonest in that you altered the dates on GOS 1 forms to conceal having seen patients during a period of interim suspension.

"The matters at paragraph three above were misleading and/or dishonest in that you knew and/or or ought to have known that you were not permitted to provide services to patients for which your registration was required whilst subject to an interim suspension.

"By virtue of the facts set out above, your fitness to practise is impaired by reason of misconduct."

A previous hearing, in July 2017, saw Lydon face allegations of clinical failures, poor record keeping and failing to cooperate with a GOC investigation.

The 2017 hearing resulted in conditions being imposed on Lydon's practice for a period of 12 months.


The 2023 report continues: "There was no evidence placed before the committee to suggest that the registrant had developed any insight whatsoever as a result of his actions.

"The committee has not received evidence of any remorse, apology or clear acceptance of wrongdoing from the registrant.

"There is no evidence to suggest the registrant has taken steps to remediate his conduct."

In conclusion, the committee added: "Given the circumstances of this case, the committee is satisfied that the imposition of an immediate suspension order is necessary to protect the public and is otherwise in the public interest."