With a consultation currently under way, a number of roads across St Albans are included in Hertfordshire County Council's proposed plans for a new 20mph zone.

Residents can respond to the local authority's plans for the 'central and east St Albans area' until 11.45pm on Monday, November 27.

The council's aim for the proposal is to "make it easier and safer for people walking and cycling and to improve safety for all road users by encouraging vehicle drivers to adopt appropriate and safe speeds".

A total of 72 roads are listed within the new zone, including those which already have a 20mph limit in place.


Residents can give their thoughts on the proposed zone at: www.surveys.hertfordshire.gov.uk/s/CentralandEastStAlbansarea/

In order for the scheme to progress, a 10 per cent response rate is required with the majority in support of the proposal.

Herts Advertiser: The proposed new 20mph zone in St Albans.The proposed new 20mph zone in St Albans. (Image: Hertfordshire County Council)

The full list of roads included in the plans are:

1. Camp Road

2. Campfield Road

3. Dellfield

4. Lycaste Close

5. Aspasia Close

6. Dexter Close

7. Bakers Close

8. Orchard Close

9. Kenton Gardens

10. Colindale Avenue

11. Hordle Gardens

12. Cunningham Avenue

13. Richard Stagg Close

14. Centurion Court

15. Park View Close

16. Cunningham Hill Road

17. Barncroft Way

18. Cell Barnes Lane

19. Wingate Way

20. Kitchener Close

21. Haig Close

22. Thirlmere Drive

23. Burnside

24. Windermere Avenue

25. Aldwick

26. Rodney Avenue

27. Grasmere Road

28. Ramsey Close

29. Flinders Close

30. Hopground Close

31. Foxcroft

32. Drakes Drive

33. ST Vincent Drive

34. Admirals Walk

35. Blake Close

36. Nelson Avenue

37. Anson Close

38. Benbow Close

39. Ennerdale Close

40. Catham Close

41. Olive Close

42. Sanders Place

43. Hatfield Road

44. Clarence Road

45. York Road

46. Gainsborough Avenue

47. Jennings Road

48. Blenheim Road

49. Sefton Close

50. Laurel Road

51. Blandford Road

52. Glenferrie Road

53. Sandfield Road

54. Harlesden Road

55. Brampton Road

56. Burnham Road

57. Royal Road

58. Woodstock Road South

59. Park Avenue

60. Hamilton Road

61. Sunderland Avenue

62. Churchill Road

63. The Dell

64. Monks Horton Way

65. Eaton Road

66. Salisbury Avenue

67. Garden Close

68. Gleave Close

69. St John's Court

70. Ashley Road

71. Beaumont Avenue

72. Woodstock Road North