The fastest and slowest postcodes to sell a home in St Albans and Welwyn Hatfield have been revealed.

Property Solvers' speed of sale tool has revealed that, over the past year, it has taken an average of 17.87 weeks to sell a property in the area.

The statistics track the moment a property is listed on the UK’s leading property portals to the point it’s marked as officially ‘sold’ at the HM Land Registry.

The fastest area was Welwyn (AL6), which took an average of 113 days to sell each property.


Meanwhile, the slowest was AL1 in St Albans, taking an average of 140 days to sell each home.

The list of fasting selling areas can be seen below:

  1. AL6, Welwyn (averaging 113 days per sale)
  2. AL4, St Albans (averaging 117 days per sale)
  3. AL2, St Albans (averaging 118 days per sale)
  4. AL10, Hatfield (averaging 119 days per sale)
  5. AL8, Welwyn Garden City (averaging 120 days per sale)

The list of slowest selling areas is as follows:

  1. AL9, Hatfield (averaging 126 days per sale)
  2. AL5, Harpenden (averaging 130 days per sale)
  3. AL7, Welwyn Garden City (averaging 134 days per sale)
  4. AL3,  St Albans (averaging 134 days per sale)
  5. AL1, St Albans (averaging 140 days per sale)