Plans have been submitted for the construction of up to 190 homes on land near St Albans.

The properties would be created between Colney Heath Lane and the Alban Way, and would include a minimum of six hectares of public open space.

Half of the houses constructed would be affordable, with self-build housing making up 10 per cent of the remaining properties.


Groups of trees and copses of broadleaved woodland with scrub edges and five ponds would be created to the east of the development.

According to a planning statement included within the application, "The harm to the Green Belt that would result from the proposed development is at the lower end".

Herts Advertiser: A masterplan of the site near Colney Heath Lane.A masterplan of the site near Colney Heath Lane. (Image: Woods Hardwick / St Albans City & District Council)

The statement continues: "The landscape effects on the site and its immediate context would inevitably be more marked, however, a larger proportion of the site would be retained as open space and areas of new habitat.

"This would include large swathes of land to the east, which would incorporate species rich grassland, pathways, sustainable drainage, wildlife ponds, a play area, proposed woodland and tree planting.

"Further green infrastructure would be planted around the site boundaries."

Herts Advertiser: The location of the proposed development.The location of the proposed development. (Image: Woods Hardwick / St Albans City & District Council)

On the development itself, the statement adds: "Further, substantial weight should be given to the remediation, restoration and redevelopment of the site which will result in a significant improvement on the current situation, an important benefit that is a direct result of the proposed development.

"The site is known to be contaminated given its former use for the tipping of inert, householder and industrial waste...

"...In its current condition, the site presents a risk to the environment and site users."

One resident, Mark Francis of The Ridgeway, objected to the proposal: "I think this is a bad location to build in.

Herts Advertiser: The land between Colney Heath Lane and the Alban Way.The land between Colney Heath Lane and the Alban Way. (Image: Google Maps)

"I live near there and regularly cycle pass and through that field.

"St Albans needs to have a mix between buildings and the country. They are many other areas we can build in Hertfordshire. St Albans, at this rate, will just be a large housing estate."

Objections and comments can be made until Saturday, November 11.

The full application can be found on the St Albans City & District Council planning portal, quoting reference 5/2023/1923.