Police officers have saved the life of a man in his 70s after he suffered a heart attack in St Albans.

PC Rob Clemmit was nearby when the man suffered a heart attack in Waddington Road on Thursday, October 5.

He raced over to assist and PCSO Ads Russo - who had just completed his first aid refresher training - gave him CPR.

PCs Clare Lapenna and Ben Kirby joined them with a defibrillator and between them, they saved his life.

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Colleagues helped to cordon off the area, direct the ambulance and look after his family member, who was in a wheelchair.

"My officers acted instinctively to save the man’s life, something which is indicative of the policing ethos I have witnessed in St Albans," said Chief Inspector Martin Turpin.

"Undoubtedly, without their intervention, the man would have died before an ambulance could reach him."