A nurse from St Albans has been granted an award for demonstrating fantastic patient care while on a trek to Mount Everest.

Paula Duppa-Miller was at Everest Base Camp when she won the award at the Hertfordshire Community NHS Trust 'Leading Lights' event.

The Leading Lights event is the NHS Trust’s annual celebration for its staff.

Paula works across Hertfordshire and West Essex and has been commended for being exceptionally caring and building close relationships with all patients that she supports, helping them to feel comfortable and empowered at a challenging time.


Paula was also praised for the support that she gives to other staff members and for improving working life, especially during difficult cases. 

The nurse received news of her achievement when a colleague sent over a picture of the certification via WhatsApp.

“I heard that I had won the day after I had reached base camp,” said Paula on the news of her award.  

“Can you imagine that all the way up the top of Everest and you can get media messages! I can honestly say, it was the second thing that made me cry in 24 hours.”

Herts Advertiser: Paula Duppa- Miller on Mount Everest.Paula Duppa- Miller on Mount Everest. (Image: Hertfordshire Community NHS Trust)

“To be honest, I was blown away by it,” Paula continued.

“I had no idea my colleagues thought this way about the work I do with them.

“Going to Everest Base Camp had been on my bucket list for some time, postponed in May 2020 due to Covid.”

Not only did Paula successfully make it to Everest Base Camp, but she also celebrated her 60th birthday while trekking through Nepal.

“I couldn’t have started my sixth decade off in a better way,” Paula explained, “The experience has been life-changing, the trek surpassed all expectations and I would say to anyone who has a bucket list, plan and don’t put off want you would like to achieve.”