With Kinsbourne Green Common in Harpenden set to be sold at auction later this month, we asked our readers what should happen to the land.

The auction of the common - by Allsop on Thursday (September 21) - has been described as "disgraceful", with many saying that it should remain as a public space.

The 35.12-acre site has a guide price of £150,000, and is already subject to a variety of uses.

A Scout Hut and two car parks on the site - which is registered as 'Common Land' - are both subject to leases.


An undergound pipeline also utilises the land, subject to a 999-year lease.

Trevor Weldon said: "Well, it must stay as it is for people to go for a walk, walk their dogs, play games, fly kites, have picnics etc.

"(It) Must not be built on under any circumstances!"

Another reader, Pauline Byrne, replied to the question of what should be done with the land with a clear and simple response: "Nothing, leave it as it is!"

Lin Raftery agreed with Pauline and Trevor, stating: "(It is) Definitely not to be built on."

Trevor Harvey spoke of the importance of maintaining open spaces, such as the common, for future generations.

He wrote: "The common should be protected from development and preserved as a common to allow future generations to enjoy."

In agreement, Debra Anne Fuller added: "Common Land should not be used for development.

"There is no infrastructure for extra housing of this magnitude and environmentally it will be a disaster."

Rhoda Harrison also wishes for the common to remain open to the public, writing: "If it is registered as a common it should and must remain as it is, with open access to the public on foot or horse."

Jackie Missenden spoke of the impact of the sale on Harpenden as a whole.

She said: "It should remain common land, one of the best things about Harpenden is the green open spaces."

John R Bell thinks that the common may not be sold, stating: "Not surprised they’re selling, I’ll be amazed if anyone wants to buy it."

He added: "Keep it as a much loved and well-used social space.

"Hay harvesting should continue, but I fully appreciate the inherent public liabilities of ownership of Common Land and the reasons the family wish to rid themselves of it."

Lastly, Roger Distill wrote: "As common land, it belongs to the people, and must be left alone by profiteers."

The MP for Hitchin and Harpenden, Bim Afolami, has urged Harpenden Town Council to consider buying the land.

He commented: “Harpenden Town Council is already a significant local landowner, managing Harpenden Common, Rothamsted Park and a number of smaller greens and open spaces in Harpenden.

"I believe that they would be the ideal long-term owner of this site."

Kinsbourne Green Common will be lot 259 at the auction, which will be held at The May Fair Hotel, Stratton Street, London.

Individuals who wish to bid will need to register with Allsop prior to the sale.