Mayor of St Albans Cllr Anthony Rowlands has been made the honorary patron of St Albans Cricket Club.

Cllr Rowlands was presented with a formal letter of invitation at the club's annual President's Day celebrations at Clarence Park on Sunday, August 27.

The appointment of the mayor as the club's honorary patron is a revival of a longstanding tradition, which ceased some years ago.

Previously, the ceremonial title was always offered to the incumbent mayor for the duration of their time in office, but this has not been taken up for several decades.

Andy Saunders, co-chair of St Albans Cricket Club who presided over the ceremony, said: "The current mayor already has strong connections with St Albans Cricket Club as his son Sam played for us for many years and was himself a cricketer of some repute in his younger days!


"This seemed like the perfect time to revive the tradition of inviting the mayor to be our honorary patron and we are delighted that he has accepted." 

Cllr Rowlands said: "I was delighted to be invited to revive the role of honorary patron. St Albans Cricket Club plays an important role in our local sporting life.

"In addition to fielding up to six adult men’s sides on Saturdays and two on Sundays, they have two successful women's sides and an extensive youth programme.

"The club is also making a notable contribution through their community fundraising endeavours."