A Hertfordshire police officer found guilty of domestic violence offences has been dismissed and barred from policing.

PC 1715 Ian Farmer is unable to serve again after being convicted of two counts of common assault.

Hertfordshire Constabulary has said Farmer, aged 45, is appealing his convictions that allege he directed violence towards an adult victim while in the presence of a child.

In a misconduct report published this month, the county’s police chief Charlie Hall has said the original case “has the significant potential to cause reputational harm” to the force.

Chief Constable Hall said it is “unacceptable” for police officers who must enforce the law to breach it themselves.

“If the facts and the conviction were more widely known by the public, they would undoubtedly reinforce the damage that has been caused to public confidence by police officers, nearly all male, being convicted of such offences,” he said.

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Farmer, of Clifton in Bedfordshire, was sentenced at Milton Keynes Magistrates’ Court on January 12 this year, where he was handed a community order and made to pay compensation to his victim.

In his report, Chief Constable Hall wrote: “I note PC Farmer has served with the constabulary since 2005 and has an otherwise unblemished service record.

“He has received a Starfish Award during that time for excellent customer service and a good work recognition for supporting a victim of domestic abuse.”

He added: “PC Farmer has been convicted of an offence involving domestic violence, which is serious and has a particular impact on public confidence given how frequently police have to deal with such cases and how damaging such offending is on the fabric of society.

“The offending has also occurred whilst a child was present in the house who has been aware of this offending.”

Chief Constable Hall said the mitigations “are few”, in part because Farmer is contesting his conviction.

“I do however note that although his conviction is for two criminal offences, these have occurred within a short space of time of one another, and this does not appear to have been behaviour repeated beyond that time frame of a few hours,” he wrote.

“PC Farmer’s conviction for two criminal offences involving domestic violence, and the considerable impact this has upon the reputation of policing and our ability to maintain and build public confidence in policing is particularly significant.

“These convictions also seriously question PC Farmer’s ability to continue to serve as an officer and the confidence the public could have in him to deal with such issues appropriately in the future.

“It is important that I send a clear message to the public and PC Farmer’s colleagues alike that conviction for criminal offences involving domestic violence is not something that can be tolerated within policing.”

The police chief said a final written warning is “insufficient”, instead opting for dismissal without notice – for gross misconduct.

“I also require PC Farmer’s name to be added to the College of Policing barred list,” he wrote.