St Albans has been named as one of the top 10 greenest cities in the UK, based on the percentage of recycled waste, air quality and the number of nature and park attractions. 

The Roman city took the 10th spot with a green score of 71.01 out of 100.

Bath took the top spot, followed by Canterbury and Chester.

The study by national skip hire company analysed several factors for each UK city, including the percentage of recycled, reused or composted waste, the air quality, and the number of nature and park attractions in each area. Each city was scored and ranked out of 100 based on these factors. 

It found that in St Albans, 64.20 per cent of household waste was recycled, reused or composted in 2021, and its average air quality to the nearest region scored 3.05 out of 10.

Commenting on the findings, Paul Bennett, operations director at, said: “While we can all do our bit to help keep the UK, and the world, green, through methods like recycling, it’s imperative that this is also enforced and encouraged in the public eye.

"This is why it’s interesting to see the difference some cities have in their waste management, with some cities doubling others on the amount they recycle.”