Lussmanns Sustainable Kitchen, which has a popular restaurant in St Albans, is kicking off the summer holidays with two mobile artisan ice cream parlour outside its premises.

As well as setting up shop outside its Heritage Close venue, Lussmanns in Berkhamsted will also welcome customers on the go with a pop-up parlour. 

The company has five restaurants in Hertfordshire, including one in Harpenden, and its ice cream is a hit with its customers across the county.

The ice cream comes from a farm in Barnet, and is made in small batches on the farm using all-natural ingredients sourced from British producers wherever possible.

Andrei Lussmann, founder and director, said: "Who doesn't love ice cream in the summer holidays?

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"Ours is made by the wonderful Lewis of London ice cream farm, very near to Hertfordshire in Barnet, and is extremely popular with our dining customers.

"Incidentally they also make our halloumi cheese!

"The little ice cream parlours are beautifully designed with a Lussmanns blue stripe, giving the high street in Berkhamsted and Waxhouse Gate a slightly retro feel. 

"We hope that we can provide a little cooling and tasty treat for children, and their mums and dads, as they're passing our restaurants in the summer holidays."

The ice cream also has a vegan option and is available in tubs as a gluten-free option.

Lussmanns' summer menu includes for starters, chargrilled nectarine and Somerset ewe's curd salad, Devon white crab linguine, and roasted vegetable, Leccino olive and lemon paella - with optional grilled Halloumi.