Six lives have been saved since a nasal spray was rolled by Hertfordshire police.

The spray, named naloxone, is now used across the county following a six-month trial in Dacorum, Stevenage, Watford and Welwyn Hatfield.

Naloxone is used by officers to treat those suffering from suspected drug overdoses, and was rolled out to frontline officers in April.

Herts Advertiser: Officers are now specially trained in how to use the spray.Officers are now specially trained in how to use the spray. (Image: Hertfordshire Constabulary)

They are now specially trained on how to administer the spray, which temporarily reverses the effects of opiate drugs.


Six lives have been saved to date, including three in recent weeks.

On one occasion, the spray was used on a man who was showing signs of a possible drug overdose, in Saturn Way, Highfield, Hemel Hempstead.

He was then taken to hospital for further treatment.

Dacorum chief inspector Jason Keane said: "In just a few weeks officers on our frontline have been key in saving the lives of three members of the public.


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“Naloxone is easy to administer and buys vital time before paramedics arrive and, as demonstrated, can be the difference between life and death.

“To date, more than 250 officers from the constabulary have been trained in administering naloxone and this is another addition to our trauma kits to enable us to best serve the public.”