An annual St Albans folk evening delighted crowds once again as hundreds flocked to the area.

Taking place from 8pm last night (Wednesday, July 5), the St Michael's Street Folk Evening saw live music and traditional dancing take to the streets of St Michael's village.

An overture by St Michael's bell ringers rang from 7.15pm until 8pm, when the event began.

Herts Advertiser: Swanvesta Social Club performing in St Michael's churchyard.Swanvesta Social Club performing in St Michael's churchyard. (Image: Pearce Bates)

A live band, Swanvesta Social Club, then played in the churchyard while a hog roast, ice cream, paella and drinks were enjoyed.


From 8pm until 10pm, St Michael's Street was closed to traffic, allowing traditional acts to perform along the road.

Herts Advertiser: Dancers performed at various locations along St Michael's Street.Dancers performed at various locations along St Michael's Street. (Image: Pearce Bates)

The sound of ringing bells and the striking of sticks filled the Verulamium air, as Morris dancers entertained throngs of St Albans locals.


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Live bands performed in the Six Bells pub, while tap and irish dancers performed before the popular Waffle House.

Herts Advertiser: Wicket Brood, from Bricket Wood, performing at the event.Wicket Brood, from Bricket Wood, performing at the event. (Image: Pearce Bates)

Six dance groups were present in total, representing traditions from across Britain, Ireland and the USA.

These dance groups included Wicket Brood (from Bricket Wood), St Albans Morris, Phoenix Morris, New Moon Morris, Tappalachian and the Louise Walsh Academy of Irish Dancing.

A prancing stag performed alongside St Albans Morris this year, to the delight of onlooking adults, and a mixed reception from children.

Herts Advertiser: Tappalachian performing near the Waffle House.Tappalachian performing near the Waffle House. (Image: Pearce Bates)

The man dressed as the animal didn't skip a beat though, as he went from interacting with residents to slotting in seamlessly to the complicated Morris routines.

Tappalachian, meanwhile, brought Appalachian dance routines to St Michael's, with a traditional backing band.

Appalachian dance is formed of a mix of cultures, brought together in the Appalachian mountains of North America.

Herts Advertiser: St Michael's Street, St Albans.St Michael's Street, St Albans. (Image: Pearce Bates)

This blend of cultures was well received by the St Albans crowd, with many clapping along to the rhythm of the historic music.

As with many of the Morris performances, each dance was described beforehand, with a brief explanation of the routine's background.

Overall, the weather held out for an enjoyable night in St Michael's, with tradition showing that it very much has a place in the 21st century.