Knoops, a hot chocolate store in St Albans city centre, will open its doors this week.

The shop, at 12 Market Place, will invite the public in for the first time on Friday (June 16).

Based in the former Ruby Room unit, Knoops will offer a range of chocolate-flavoured drinks, along with baked and iced goods.

The St Albans branch is the company's 11th and will feature seating for up to 20 people, with takeaways also available.


Knoops customers will experience a Subway-esque system of personalisation, called 'Knoopology'.

Individuals will choose their preferred drink, followed by their chocolate percentage and type of milk.

Customers will then be able to enhance their drink with a fruit, herb or spice.

Creations are subsequently poured out as a hot chocolate, an iced chocolate or blended with ice cream to create a milkshake.

A spokesperson for Knoops said: "Knoops St Albans takes pride of place in the heart of the beautiful city.

"Next to the famous clock tower and very close to the St Albans Cathedral, the store is the perfect refreshment stop when shopping and exploring, as well as the ideal destination to pick up gifts and keepsakes.


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"Welcoming millions of tourists each year, and in the commuter belt north of London, St Albans is a popular destination for people to visit and live, and Knoops endeavours to appeal with its unique and well-loved menu of chocolate percentages."

On Friday, one free chocolate drink will be given to the first 200 customers to visit who have signed up to Knoops online newsletter, available on the company's website: