St Albans City and District Council have reminded residents to bring photo ID when voting in the by-election.

The vote will take place tomorrow (Tuesday, June 13) and concerns a vacant seat in the St Peters ward.

The seat became vacant following the resignation of former Councillor Danny Clare.


St Peters currently has two other councillors, the Liberal Democrats' Jacqui Taylor and the Green Party's Simon Grover.

The Green Party's Juliet Voisey, Liberal Democrats' David Partridge, Conservative Party's Ambrose Killen and the Labour Party's David Byatt will all run for election tomorrow.

The candidate elected will serve until May 2024.


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Last month's local elections saw new legislation come into force, requring voters to show photo ID at polling stations.

The same rules will apply at tomorrow's by-election vote, meaning that voters could be turned away if they do not show the correct form of identification.

Accepted formed of ID include a current or expired UK passport or a photo driving licence.

Provisional photo driving licences will also be accepted.

Herts Advertiser: Amanda Foley, the district's returning officer.Amanda Foley, the district's returning officer. (Image: © Pete Stevens 2010 UK mobile tel: 07770616121

Amanda Foley, the district’s returning officer, said: “Only a small proportion of voters failed to bring voter ID to polling stations at the recent local elections.

“However, we do not want to turn away anyone from exercising their right to vote, so we are continuing to raise awareness of this new requirement.

“Once again, we would remind people voting at the by-election to remember to bring along approved photo ID.”

Full details of acceptable photo IDs can be found on the Electoral Commission's website: