Two mums from Harpenden will be taking on a wing walk in order to raise money for the Motor Neurone Disease Association (MNDA).

Claire Flawn and Carol Norris will take on the challenge on Sunday, June 18, at Kent Aerodrome.

The duo aim to raise over £2,000 after Claire and her family lost their mum Pat.

Carol’s brother Mark is currently fighting this disease.


Motor neurone disease is a rapidly progressing condition that is often fatal to those affected.

Herts Advertiser: Claire and Carol, set to raise money for the MNDA.Claire and Carol, set to raise money for the MNDA. (Image: Claire Flawn)

The disease attacks the nerves that control movement so that muscles no longer work, affecting the brain and spinal cord.

According to the MNDA, a third of people diagnosed die within a year, and more than half within two years of diagnosis.

There is currently no cure for the condition, however the MNDA remains focussed on "care, research and campaigning".

Herts Advertiser: The event will take place later this month.The event will take place later this month. (Image: Claire Flawn)

Claire and Carol said: "We are both so excited to get up in the air and complete our wing walk for the MNDA.

"Neither of us have ever done anything like this before and we wanted this challenge to be special. We’re both a little bit nervous!

"It means so much to both of us to raise money for this extremely worthy cause, and to raise much-needed awareness of Motor Neurone Disease.


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"So much research is needed to find a cure. We can only hope it is in our lifetime.

Herts Advertiser: The duo described themselves as excited but nervous.The duo described themselves as excited but nervous. (Image: Claire Flawn)

"Our heroes are the amazing campaigners and fundraisers Rob Burrow and Kevin Sinfield and if we can raise even a fraction of what they have raised with our wingwalk, we will have achieved our goal."

Regional Fundraiser at the MNDA, Roger Widdecombe, said: "Without the amazing support of people like Claire and Carol, the MND Association simply would not be able to provide it’s vital support services, fund research to find a cure and campaign and raise awareness of MND.

"Together we are making a real difference for people affected by this devastating disease."

Further information and details on how to donate to Claire and Carol's cause can be found here.