St Albans and "it's surrounding localities" has seen 49 thefts of items from motor vehicles in the past two months.

According to Hertfordshire police, the crimes were committed in April and May, with many offenders described as "opportunists".

Officers believe that offenders have targeted vehicles that have been left unlocked and insecure by their owners.


As a result, Hertfordshire Constabulary tried the doors of 164 car doors in the city's Clarence area earlier this week.

Six of these doors were found to be unlocked.

According to police, "The owners were immediately notified and issued some crime prevention advice".


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A spokesperson for Hertfordshire police added: "We urge motorists to lock and secure your vehicles, regardless of where you park your vehicle.

"Remove all valuables from the vehicle and leave the glove box open to deter any opportunists."

Further information can be found on the Hertfordshire police website: