Herts police have released details of UFO sightings reported to them over the past five years.

The reports, which include a “silver orb shape”, “massive circle of bright light”, and “green and blue flashing lights”, were confirmed in a Freedom of Information request.

In May 2021, someone reported seeing a UFO in Borehamwood. It was described as “a massive circle of bright light travelling from far off – then almost instantly overhead – went over a house approximately 100ft up”.

They said it “looked like a rugby ball”, had no distinctive features, made no sound and was covered in bright lights.

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In June 2020 someone reported “objects in the sky” over Hemel Hempstead, while September the previous year “three UFOs travelling east to west” were seen over Radlett.

Over South Mimms Service Station in September 2019, someone told police they saw something “like a UFO, dark in colour with green and blue flashing lights, and made a helicopter noise”.

In July 2018, over Stevenage, a UFO was spotted over the town “floating towards the Luton flight path”, police said.

It was described as a “large object, silver orb shape, moving west to east with the wind”. The person believed it was “a large weather balloon of some sort”.

Although not reported to police, mysterious flying objects were snapped near Watford General Hospital in January 2021.

Gary Copsey, a worker for Veolia at the Wiggenhall Depot, said at the time that they had white lights with small flickers of red and green, adding he was certain they weren’t drones.

Herts Advertiser: One of the sightings in Watford. Credit: Bhavna Katwa.One of the sightings in Watford. Credit: Bhavna Katwa.

“I must admit it was weird, really weird, and a little unnerving to be honest,” he said.

About six lights are said to have been “chasing” each other, moving “way faster” than a drone could.

“I was so shocked at what I was seeing I nearly dropped my phone and approached a passer-by, as I honestly couldn’t believe no one else could not see what I was seeing,” Mr Copsey said.

Days later, more pictures were sent to the Watford Observer by reader Bhavna Katwa.

In September 2020, dozens of reports of UFO sightings were revealed when previously confidential government files were published. They showed there had been 21 reports made by people across Hertfordshire between 1997 and 2009.