Three Peregrine Falcon chicks have hatched at St Albans Cathedral, with the incredible moment captured on camera.

Back in April, a live stream was launched to allow people to watch Alban and Boudica, just one of five Falcon pairs in Hertfordshire, as they entered breeding season.

On Thursday, their first chick was spotted on the live stream at around 5.10am, with a second hatching before midday.

By the end of day, a third chick had been born in the nesting tray perched high on the historic building.

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"Now that they've hatched, we'll see both parents at regular intervals popping backwards and forward feeding the young birds, but not that frequently to begin with," Wildlife Trust expert Heidi Carruthers told the BBC.

"They're only small and don't have large appetites yet, but that will gradually increase of over the next few weeks."

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The rare Falcon pair first appeared at St Albans Cathedral in May last year, hatching their first chick, who was named Artemis after another public vote.

With the species normally breeding for life and staying loyal to their nest site, city residents could be seeing them for many years to come.