An Insulate Britain campaigner from St Albans has been spared jail after being convicted of causing a public nuisance.

Stephanie Aylett - a 28-year-old medical sales representative - was sentenced at Inner London Crown Court on Thursday (April 20).

Appearing with six others, Ms Aylett was handed a six-week jail sentence, suspended for 18 months.


She was also ordered to complete 60 hours of unpaid work.

Fellow Insulate Britain campaigners reverend Mark Coleman (63), Simon Reding (50), Daphne Jackson (73), Beatrice Pooley (65), Catherine Rennie-Nash (72), and Helen Redfern (58) were also sentenced on the day.

Herts Advertiser: Rev Mark Coleman (left), Daphne Jackson, Beatrice Pooley, Stephanie Aylett (right).Rev Mark Coleman (left), Daphne Jackson, Beatrice Pooley, Stephanie Aylett (right). (Image: Insulate Britain)

Liam Norton, 38 - an electrician and spokesperson for the campaign - said: “The courts are proving themselves to be morally bankrupt and complicit in the breakdown of law and order in the UK.


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"The British justice system no longer has legitimacy in our eyes whatsoever.

"Sending pensioners to prison rather than accepting that civil resistance is vital to ensure (that) our lives, economy, pensions, properties and communities survive.

Herts Advertiser: An Insulate Britain protest on Bishopsgate Road, London.An Insulate Britain protest on Bishopsgate Road, London. (Image: Insulate Britain)

“For Judge Reid to say, in his opinion, ‘the net effect of all these protests is zero’ is both inaccurate and historically illiterate.

"Our supporters have risked their liberty time and time again to demand (that) the government end fuel poverty and decarbonises the UK housing stock.

"And, since our campaign, both the government and the opposition have pledged to ‘Insulate Britain’.”