The St Albans Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament will take to the streets of the city centre this weekend, in a bid to raise awareness of the cost of Britain's nuclear weapons.

The group will make their presence known on St Peter's Street between 11am and 1pm, on Saturday (April 22).

A banner will be held, featuring the £205 billion sum that the group believe will be needed to replace the UK's 'Trident' nuclear weapons system.


The chair of the St Albans Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament told The Herts Advertiser "We are making a point, certainly".

The campaign group's website adds: "In 1945, two nuclear weapons destroyed - in seconds - the Japanese towns of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.


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"Since then, the capacity for nuclear destruction has increased dramatically.

"Between them, Britain, the US, France, Russia and China now possess 36,000 nuclear weapons – enough to destroy the world many times over.

"Other states, such as Israel, India and Pakistan, now possess nuclear weapons...

"...CND exists to oppose these threats to peace."