The Saint & Sinner pub, set in a former Nationwide bank, is due to open this June.

The venue, at 16 St Peter's Street, had previously been expected to open in late 2022 but was delayed. 

"Building concerns" had been cited as the reason for an initial delay, whilst some planning details were still awaiting sign-off from St Albans City & District Council.

Herts Advertiser: A decision is still pending for planning permission on a number of signs.A decision is still pending for planning permission on a number of signs. (Image: Omega Signs / St Albans City & District Council)

However, the pub's owners McMullen & Sons now believe that they have an opening date to work towards and are "very excited".


A spokesperson for the brewery said: "We have consulted with the various local authority teams to ensure that this beautiful, historic building is preserved whilst being brought back into use including with it’s private party room, cocktail lounge and central bar for those livelier evenings when the lights will go down and the music will go up.

"We are recruiting additional team members to join the family and work alongside those that have been training in our venues for some time.

"Very soon, over 50 people will be on site, training with craft beer, fresh cocktails, fine wine, credible ethical coffee, and a team of chefs will be preparing phenomenal food, available from brunch to lunch and into the evening."

Herts Advertiser: The plans for signage at The Saint & Sinner.The plans for signage at The Saint & Sinner. (Image: Omega Signs / St Albans City & District Council)

The Saint & Sinner still have a planning application pending for a number of signs at the property.


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These advertisements include illuminated hanging signs on the outside of the building, a freestanding post-mounted sign and an engraved brass plaque on the door.

Speaking of previous delays in relation to planning permission, McMullen & Sons said: "Once we get the sign off, the works should be completed quickly, and we look forward to opening.

"Until then the recruited team are working in our other venues, including the recently opened Salisbury Hotel in Hertford."