A meeting has been organised by the 'Save St Albans: Fight the Freight' campaign group, to update the public on the progress of the campaign and discuss further steps.

The event will take place at 8pm on Thursday, April 27, at Greenwood Park Community Centre, Chiswell Green.

'Save St Albans: Fight the Freight' have been campaigning against a proposed rail freight terminal, to be constructed on Green Belt land.


Hertfordshire County Council has already agreed to sell the former Radlett Airfield land to rail freight developers Segro, however, no sale has yet taken place.

The campaign group had previously sent a detailed dossier of "compelling new evidence" to the local authority, which they claim would give the council reason to stop the sale.


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'Save St Albans: Fight the Freight' now claim that this dossier has been ignored.

One of the campaign's leaders, Terrie Smith, said: “We supplied this detailed evidence to the council, after their own internal report failed to investigate any of the changes since 2014.

“The council say they are reluctant sellers.

Herts Advertiser: The campaign group believe a sale to rail freight developers Segro can be avoided.The campaign group believe a sale to rail freight developers Segro can be avoided. (Image: Dee Young)

"Legal advice has consistently said they can refuse to sell if they have good reasons.

"Our dossier provides those good reasons and we had hoped the council would take note and work with us. 

"There’s growing anger at their refusal to investigate, refusal to listen and refusal to act."

The group are also concerned that the rail freight terminal will become a lorry-only terminal instead.

Herts Advertiser: A protest had previously been organised outside Hertfordshire County Council.A protest had previously been organised outside Hertfordshire County Council. (Image: Dee Young)

Mrs Smith continued: “Planning approval was granted on valuable green belt land because of the supposed advantages of rail freight.

"If this site is not going to be a rail freight terminal then the planning process must start again.”

When approached for comment, a spokesperson for Hertfordshire County Council said: "The planning permission granted by the Secretary of State was for a Strategic Rail Freight Interchange at the site of the former Radlett Aerodrome and this is what we expect to be built on the land if it is sold.

"None of the units shall be occupied until the Midland mainline connection works have been completed and until an operational rail link has been provided from such works to the relevant units.

"We have previously, and continue to commit to working with the local planning authority to ensure that any development is in line with the planning permissions in place.”