A beer brand has partnered with a Harpenden charity in order to support the donation of milk to sick and premature babies.

Black Sheep Brewery has teamed up with the Human Milk Foundation (HMF) to launch a fundraising campaign in support of the organisations 'blood bikers'.

As part of the four-week campaign, the brewery's milk stout will include a "peel and read" label.

When scanned, this label will direct the reader to the HMF website, where instructions can be found on how to donate.


2023 marks the second year running that Black Sheep Brewery has partnered with the HMF.

The company's milk stout is popular with dads aged between 30 and 45, a market which the company wish to raise awareness of donor milk with.

Charlene Lyons, CEO of Black Sheep Brewery, said: "We’re delighted to once again partner with the incredible people at Human Milk Foundation to launch this fundraising campaign.

Herts Advertiser: A peel and read label has been added to the product.A peel and read label has been added to the product. (Image: Prohibition PR / Black Sheep Brewery)

"We consider the blood bikers to be real heroes; when they receive the call, they do whatever it takes, day or night, to pick up the donation from the nearest milk bank and quickly but safely transport the milk to the necessary hospital or family in need.


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"The fundraising campaign to support HMF will run for four weeks, in which we will aim to raise £15,000. However, our mission to raise awareness of HMF and the Blood Bikers will continue indefinitely”.

The Human Milk Foundation's co-founder and director, Natalie Shenker, added: "We are delighted to again partner with Black Sheep brewery as we aim to raise further funds to save the lives of sick and premature babies, as well as supporting the ‘blood bikers’ in their incredible efforts.

"The support of Black Sheep has allowed for the expansion of our milk bank operations so we can make safe, screened donor milk available via the blood bikers for hospitals and families across England and Wales.”