The Liberal Democrat leader Ed Davey MP has launched the party's national local election campaign with a visit to Hertfordshire.

The leader was joined by St Albans MP and party deputy Daisy Cooper, among others, during an announcement in Berkhamsted today (Wednesday, March 29).

Arriving on a yellow tractor, the Liberal Democrat leader recreated his 'smashing of the blue wall'.

This time, instead of bricks, blue-painted hay bales were bulldozed by the machine.


Speaking at the launch, he said: "We're going to need some heavy machinery to clear up the mess of the Conservatives.

"Wherever I go in this campaign - I've been going up and down the country; villages, towns and cities - I see the incredible beauty of our county, and I see the decency and strength of the British people.


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"Even in these incredibly difficult times - the toughest of times - people are working hard, they're raising their families, they're playing by the rules.

"But, they're finding it harder and harder just to make ends meet.

"They are struggling, and the cost of living is really hitting them hard.

"What they need, more than ever, is a fair deal.

"The Conservative government is letting people down badly, they're taking people for granted.

"When you look at people's energy bills going through the roof, their food bills, their housing costs, millions of families and pensioners are struggling like never before.

Herts Advertiser: The launch was held outside The Swan in Berkhamsted.The launch was held outside The Swan in Berkhamsted. (Image: Pearce Bates)

"But, the Conservatives have made this cost of living crisis even worse with their total chaos.

"They crashed the economy, adding a hundred pounds to people's monthly mortgage payments.

"They've compounded that with unfair tax rises and cuts to essential public services, paying for the damage that they caused in the first place.

"When it comes to the NHS, letting the NHS crisis spiral out of control."

Herts Advertiser: Ed Davey MP arriving in a tractor.Ed Davey MP arriving in a tractor. (Image: Pearce Bates)

St Albans MP Daisy Cooper added: "Well, I think morale is riding high, everyone’s waving goodbye to a big tractor!

"Morale is riding high in the Lib Dems as a whole, particularly here in Hertfordshire.

“We already run a number of local councils, and we are hopeful and confident that we can make some more gains in the May elections.”

When approached for comment, Clare De Silva, the Conservative Parliamentary spokesperson for St Albans, said: "I was able to meet with Conservative Council leaders, Councillors and candidates recently who are all passionate about their local areas and working hard for their communities.

Herts Advertiser: Clare De Silva, Conservative Parliamentary spokesperson.Clare De Silva, Conservative Parliamentary spokesperson. (Image: St Albans Conservative Party)

"In contrast, constituents in St Albans have told me time and again on the doorstep that Lib Dem district councillors are either incompetent or missing in action.

"St Albans residents are fed up with parking charge hikes, road blockages and a neglected charter market on the slide.

"Across the country Conservative councils spend less and deliver more.

"In St Albans the Liberal Democrats are taking the district council perilously close to financial ruin.

"Local people want change and they want Conservative leadership, in St Albans and beyond.”