A crime prevention meeting has been organised by The Harpenden Society, with the aim of preventing fraud in the town.

The meeting will take place at Katherine Warington School, at 7.30pm on Thursday, April 27.

Sue Shanahan from Hertfordshire County Council's Trading Standards, and Daniel McManus from Hertfordshire police will attend the event.


A spokesperson for The Harpenden Society said: "Traditional crime figures show that Harpenden is a relatively safe place with below average recorded figures.

"Being vigilant keeps it that way.

"With fraud being the fastest growing crime type in the the UK and fraudsters targeting everyone regardless of vulnerabilities, anyone - even the most savvy - can fall victim to a scam given the right circumstances.


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"That’s why we have invited Sue Shanahan, Hertfordshire County Council Trading Standards and Daniel McManus, Herts police and Watch Liaison Officer who will explain how to protect you from fraud, spot a scam, alert you about crime prevention advice and the steps you can take to report suspected fraudulent activity. 

"Helping the police solve crime and taking steps to prevent it happening is where OWL can help.

"They will help to keep yourself, your home and your neighbourhood safe.

"As a member you will receive messages affecting your area with relevant crime prevention advice, and it’s so easy to join.

"OWL has national police approval and makes a genuine difference to your community."

For further information about OWL visit: www.owl.co.uk/herts

To book a seat at The Harpenden Society's crime meeting visit www.harpendensociety.org