St Albans has been named as the third most expensive place to purchase a new-build home in the UK, according to a recent study.

According to research conducted by Household Quotes, a new-build property in St Albans would set house-buyers back £258,000 per bedroom.


This figure is only bettered by London at £375,000 per bedroom, and Brighton & Hove at £275,000 per bedroom.

On average, new-build houses in St Albans will take 7.6 years of working.

According to the study, the average UK house price has risen by £26,000 in just 12 months.


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This is "due largely to supply-and-demand patterns as the country emerged from lockdown".

The most affordable new build homes in the UK are based in Carlisle, at £73,541 per bedroom.

This is closely followed by Kingston-upon-Hull, at £76,000.