Complete with two swimming pools, ten bedrooms, two lakes and a movie room, a £20,000,000 house is currently for sale in Radlett.

The location, named Kenwood, is hosting an open house on Saturday, February 4 by appointment only.


Over 25 acres of land are included, along with 15,000 sq ft of living accomodation.

The house itself is 90 per cent complete, with the remaining ten per cent costing approximately £1,000,000, according to estate agent Luxury Property Partners.

Herts Advertiser: A large entrance hall is present at the location.A large entrance hall is present at the location. (Image: Luxury Property Partners)

These final works will take around 12 weeks to complete.

The property features a 300m tree-lined driveway and a three-car garage.

Herts Advertiser: Marble bathrooms are located within the walls of the property.Marble bathrooms are located within the walls of the property. (Image: Luxury Property Partners)

A lift serves the home's four floors, and a tennis court is present on the property's grounds.

A grand entrance hall, with wooden floors and a white staircase, sits beyond the front door.

Herts Advertiser: Large walk-in wardrobes are also present.Large walk-in wardrobes are also present. (Image: Luxury Property Partners)

Large open spaces are featured throughout the property, whilst historic touches complement a sleek modern design.

Marble bathrooms and spacious walk-in wardrobes are also located within the property's walls.

Herts Advertiser: Both indoor and outdoor pools are included.Both indoor and outdoor pools are included. (Image: Luxury Property Partners)

Both an indoor and an outdoor pool are featured at the location.

Visit the Luxury Property Partners website for more information (