A St Albans woman has started a fundraising page for a friend currently suffering from a brain tumour.

Nadia Michael started her GoFundMe page after her friend Georgina Peck was diagnosed with a 4.5cm meningioma on December 22.


Now on medication affecting her speech and sleep, Georgina is also experiencing memory loss.

Georgina will undergo brain surgery on Wednesday (January 25), and may require both speech and physical therapy.

The funds raised by Nadia's GoFundMe page will go towards this therapy, and any other ways to help Georgina recover from her surgery.

Nadia Michael told The Herts Advertiser: "I set up the fundraiser for Georgina because I know that she's going to struggle after her surgery, and she'll just need a bit of help getting back into the work aspects of life.

"It's going to drastically take her whole life out of work.

"So, with a little bit of support from donations, she'll need help with her speech therapy, possibly more, we just don't know the circumstances.

"It's better to be prepared than to not be prepared...

"We just don't know what damage the operation will cause for Georgina."