St Albans City and District Council are proposing the closure of a golf course in Verulamium Park. 

Abbey View Golf Course, near Westminster Lodge Leisure Centre, could be closed by the local authority due to the current financial climate.


The pavilion building at Abbey View Athletics Track may also be closed, however, the track will remain in use.

Cllr Helen Campbell, chair of the council's Public Realm Committee, said: "In common with other local authorities, our budget is under severe pressure due to the cost of living crisis.

"We are faced with huge increases in costs due to soaring energy bills and a general inflation rate of more than 10 per cent.

"By law, we are required to produce a balanced budget each year, ensuring our spending is matched by our income and does not exceed it.

"The unexpected and sudden deterioration in economic conditions is likely to lead to an overspend this financial year and a budget gap in excess of £2 million in the next financial year, unless we take action."

If Abbey View Golf Course were to close, the council have confirmed that Golf Society members will be offered the chance to transfer their membership to Batchwood Golf and Sports Centre at the same rate.

Given that the course is more demanding than Abbey View, electric powered golf buggies will also be made available.

Cllr Campbell continued: "We are proposing the closure of Abbey View golf course; whilst this is regrettable we have concluded it is unavoidable in the current financial climate.

"It costs more than £45,000-per-year to keep Abbey View golf course open and the numbers of regular users are low with the course’s Golf Society having fewer than 40 members.

"On some days, the course is barely used and attempts to improve its popularity through the introduction of foot-golf have not had a significant impact.

"We know this decision will come as a disappointment to regular users, particularly Abbey View Golf Society members, but we hope they understand that we simply cannot afford to keep the course open during such challenging times."

If the Abbey View Golf Course is closed, the area would be returned to parkland at the beginning of April.

On the proposed closure of the Athletics Track pavilion building, the councillor added: "We are also proposing to close the Abbey View Athletics Track pavilion as it is mainly used to service the golf course.

"Closure would mean the building would no longer need to be staffed seven days a week to take payments from golfers and monitor the course.

"Its closure will save on staffing costs, energy bills, statutory health and safety checks and maintenance. The public toilets will remain open.

"Sports clubs and schools will continue to use the track for training sessions and occasional events."

Changing rooms at Westminster Lodge Leisure Centre will now be available for track users.