A St Albans widow has launched a podcast for bereaved partners to share their stories with the world, after realising the therapeutic effect of doing so when her husband died. 

Rosie Gill-Moss, 40, lost her husband in 2018 after he went out for the day and never returned, having drowned at sea in a terrible accident. 

Together with her friend Lucinda Boast she devised the plan to launch  Widowed AF to give people a unique insight into the world of widowhood.

The pair met when they were both struggling with the overwhelming grief and isolation that came with losing their spouses.

The former Beaumont School pupil said: "Feeling underrepresented and unsure if we were navigating our grief 'right,' we set out to change the narrative surrounding young(ish) widowhood.

"In the podcast, we address a range of topics including Widows Fire, protecting grieving children, in-laws, death poverty, new relationships, and even tough subjects such as suicide and addiction. No topic is off limits and no story is too personal.

"Widows often face criticism and public opinion on every aspect of their lives. We are not shrouded in black, locked up out of sight. We are still here, still fighting, still loving, still feeling. It is a privilege that our spouses were denied, and we owe it to them to live the best life we can."

Lucinda added: "We want to start a dialogue about what it really feels like to be denied the life you planned. Shame, loneliness, and anger are never pretty, but it always feels far worse when you think you're alone."

Rosie who grew up on Gurney Court Road said she hopes that the podcast will give solidarity to those who have had their dreams taken away and to let their voices be heard: "Without the support of my tribe of widows, I honestly don't know how I would have made it through those early days."

"This podcast is a tribute to my husband, but also a sign of solidarity to anyone else whose dreams were snatched away. We will get your voices heard - this I promise."


For more information www.Widowedaf.com or follow @widowed_af on Tik-Tok.