An antique dealer, famous for his roles on ITV's 'Dickinson's Real Deal' and 'Secret Dealers', is set to visit Hertfordshire.

Simon Schneider has invited residents to bring their antiques to be valued in Harpenden, St Albans, Rickmansworth and Welwyn Garden City.


The visits will take place in January, when cash will be offered for gold, silver and high-quality antiques.

Speaking ahead of the visits, he said: "We visited Hertfordshire doing this in November, and we had a really good response!

"Since then, I've had some phonecalls from people who missed our visit, so I thought it would be quite a good idea to return to the area.

"It's a lovely area. I have to be really honest, I didn't realise how nice Hertfordshire was! 

"I always thought it was further away from than London than it is.

"It's a very beautiful county."

Asked about the most unusual item that he has been shown, Simon responded: "Somebody brought in what they really thought was a moon rock!

"I had no words, it looked to me like a bit of coal.

"I wasn't sure, so I sent them off to a museum to have it tested and I never heard from them again.

"You do get people come in with some unusual things, and sometimes it's the unusual things that are the most interesting in a way.

Herts Advertiser: Ahead of his visits, Simon described Hertfordshire as a very beautiful county.Ahead of his visits, Simon described Hertfordshire as a very beautiful county. (Image: Simon Schneider)

"If something is rare and unusual, that is normally a plus sign in my business.

"I encourage people to bring in anything, I'm happy to look at absolutely anything."

Simon reiterated that the items he is brought vary in value significantly, stating that some items have gone for £25,000 whilst others have been sold for "just a few pounds".

The antiques dealer continued, speaking of his hopes for the upcoming visits to Hertfordshire. 

He added: "I love it when someone comes in and they're not sure what they've got, and we can tell them it's something good!

"We get people come in with high expectations, and sometimes it's not what they think it is. It's nice when you get the other side of the coin.

"We had someone come in, in Hertfordshire last time, with what she thought were half sovereigns but they were full sovereigns.

"So, they were worth twice as much as she thought they were!

"It's nice to be able to tell someone that."

Simon Schneider will attend Harpenden's Eric Morecambe Centre on January 18, Rickmansworth's Bedford Arms on January 19, Welwyn Garden City's Homestead Court Hotel on January 20 and St Albans' County Club on January 21.