Comedian and author Mark Steel is set to perform at the Radlett Centre as part of his latest tour.

The Radio 4 regular, who has appeared on panel shows such as the BBC's 'Have I Got News for You' and 'QI', will visit the village for 'An Evening and a Little Bit of a Morning' on February 24.


Subjects from the modern world, to discovering that his biological father was a millionaire backgammon player, will be discussed by Mark Steel as he entertains audiences.

The comedian said: "I’ve come to terms with the fact that I’m a heap of contradictions, trying to stay young while being unable to log into any website.

"Trying to be respectable and mainstream (in this show there will even be a piano and a bit of singing), until I can’t help breaking into a steaming rant that would get me locked away somewhere secure if it wasn’t on a stage.

"And this is stand-up, so whatever has happened in the room, in the town or in the world that day will almost certainly be in the show.

"So, I’ll try to keep it to a decent length, but it could so easily end up as an evening and part of the next day."