Almost 50 St Albans residents have objected to a proposed housing development near Boissy Close.

The development, which is currently "under consideration", would see 40 homes constructed on Green Belt land.

Three self-build homes are included in the plans, along with car and cycle parking, landscaping and "associated works".


A total of 47 objections have been made by residents, along with comments from Herts and Middlesex Wildlife Trust and the St Albans Civic Society.

A 'Boissy Park Action Group' has also been formed to help prevent the development from taking place.

On its website, the action group states: "As residents of Boissy Close and nearby area we object the planned development on the basis of:

  • Loss of openness and harm to Green Belt
  • Inadequate road access for development
  • Development not in keeping with the surrounding area
  • Inadequate capacity of nearby roads
  • Excavation of soil contaminated with spent calcium carbide
  • Potential impact/damage to surrounding buildings on Boissy Close and Swans Close, resulting from heavy traffic and potential need for piled foundations.

Meanwhile, one resident, took to the consultation portal and expressed her concern about traffic on Boissy Close and the removal of land that has previously been used by children.

She said: "The access to Boissy Close is already very tight with inadequate car parking and tight road access space, this will be heavily compounded by the build of further homes on Boissy Park.

"Boissy Park used to be a children's playground and there is much need for a facility of this type not further housing!

"Many children use this area for walking and cycling as well. It is also an area of natural green space with abundant wildlife.

"This will all be destroyed."

Another said: "With the new housing estates built near Oaklands College off Sandpit Lane in the last year or so, there's already a lack of schools and other amenities.

"This will cause further crippling of the local infrastructure with traffic and
congestion plus issues with schooling.

"It's surprising that this has even been proposed without consideration for schools at all."

The plans for the Boissy Park development can be viewed here.