Residents have objected to a "grossly intrusive" high security fence and gates, constructed on Green Belt land near St Albans.

The 2.05m fence has been built behind 15-17 Castle Rise, Wheathampstead, with a retrospective planning application submitted to St Albans City and District Council.


Residents have raised their concerns about the development.

One told the Herts Ad: "The application is retrospective for a grossly intrusive fence that serves no purpose - it does not secure the vacant site it borders - but can be seen for over a kilometre across the Hertfordshire Green Belt."

Over 30 objections have been made to the retrospective application.

Another local, Doug Rice, commented: "These oversized gates and fences have been erected without prior notification to residents, who have for some years been concerned about the local amenity and numerous attempts to commercialise this Green Belt site.

Herts Advertiser: The land for the proposed fence sits behind 15-17 Castle Rise, Wheathampstead.The land for the proposed fence sits behind 15-17 Castle Rise, Wheathampstead. (Image: St Albans City and District Council)

"The council and planning department should also be concerned at the disrepair of the dilapidated buildings and take measures to have the site cleared.

"It is a danger to walkers particularly when windy conditions have resulted in corrugated sheets and loose building materials being blown across the bridle path."

Consultation for the application has now ended, with a decision date yet to be announced. To view the plans, search 5/2022/2286 on St Albans' City and District planning portal.