A St Albans man is set to begin the second year of his "Row-vember" challenge, in which he rows for 5,000m for every day in November.

Peter Hensman completed last year's challenge, raising over £3,000 for dementia care and research.

This year, Peter continues his aim to raise both money and awareness for Alzheimer's Society and Alzheimer's Research UK.

He will be joined by staff at Westminster Lodge Leisure Centre and has invited others to join in for as little or as long a distance they would like.

To support Peter, go to www.justgiving.com/team/rowvember2022.

Peter said: "The idea for Rowvember came about because I can't grow a very good mo (moustache for Mo-vember) and I wanted to support dementia care and research.

"The challenges caused by dementia have been highlighted by a family member who has suffered from young onset dementia.

"Looking back, their dementia had probably begun when they were in their 50s.

"The illness not only impacted their memory, personality and balance, it also caused them to lose their sight as the messaging from their eyes to their brain failed.

"The care and support they required grew massively as their condition worsened."

Reflecting on last year's achievements, Peter continued: "Rowing every day for 30 days was hard work.

"Unfortunately, my plans to prepare a bit more this year and make the challenge a bit easier have gone the way of most New Year's resolutions.

"But, with an estimated 900,000 people struggling with dementia in the UK and with no treatment existing, those with the condition still need our support.

"This is especially the case as the lack of treatment means that the illness is not covered by the NHS, those with the condition and their families can face huge bills.

"This could obviously prove to be even more of a challenge with the rises in the cost of living this year.

"Of course, the added bonus I got last year was that I did start my New Year health kick before Christmas.

"I was definitely fitter at the start of December than I was at the beginning of November!"