With Halloween fast approaching, many will be keeping an eye out for ghosts and ghouls trick-or-treating come October 31.

However, some claim to have seen ghosts wonder the halls of historic locations, pubs and churches in everyday life.

Many of these reported sightings have taken place in Hertfordshire.

With All Hallows' Eve around the corner, we've put together a list of haunted places in Hertfordshire.

1. Minsden Chapel, near Hitchin

Herts Advertiser: This image shows the supposed Minsden Ghost.This image shows the supposed Minsden Ghost. (Image: Archant)

A ruined chapel near Poynders End, Minsden Chapel is rumoured to be haunted by a ghost.

It was initially built during the 14th century, but began to decline following the reformation of the church.

Later, in the 20th century, a local historian named Reginald Hine signed a lifetime lease on the location after becoming increasingly fond of the location.

Hine often warned trespassers not to enter the monument, even vowing to continue doing so after his death.

2. Guessens Court, Welwyn Garden City

An old farmhouse once stood at the location of Guessens Court, in Welwyn Garden City.

It is said that a scorned wife once burnt down the farmhouse, with her husband's mistress inside.

The husband then decapitated his wife for the crime, and received a royal pardon for services to the kingdom.

A female ghost is now rumoured to haunt the location, but no-one knows which of the two women it could be.

3. The White Hart Hotel, St Albans

Two separate ghosts are said to haunt the White Hart Hotel in St Albans.

In the 1800s a woman reportedly broke her neck as a coach and horses came through the coaching inn's low entrance.

She is said to haunt the location, dressed in 1820s clothing.

A 12-year-old girl who died in a fire in 1832 is also rumoured to haunt the hotel's staircase.

4. Hatfield House, Hatfield

Hatfield House is said to be haunted by a ghostly coach and horses.

Along with riding down the house's driveway, the ghostly figure has even been said to go through the doors and up the stairs.

Footsteps are frequently said to be heard in one particular haunted passageway.

These footsteps are often rumoured to end by a door, which has been known to open and close by itself.

5. Holy Trinity Church, Weston

A local giant named 'Jack O'Legs' is rumoured to have been buried in the grounds of Holy Trinity Church, in Weston.

The giant is said to have lived during the Middle Ages and spent his time as a highwayman and a well-renowned archer.

Having been struck with a heavy pole in Baldock, Jack O'Legs reportedly asked his attackers to let him fire one last arrow and be buried where it landed.

It is believed that the arrow flew two miles before striking Holy Trinity Church, and his burial spot is marked by two large stones.

6. The Brocket Arms, Ayot St Lawrence

Once a 14th century Norman church, it is now believed that a monk in a brown habit haunts The Brocket Arms pub, in Ayot St Lawrence.

Some have reported seeing the figure on fire, or staring at customers.

It is rumoured that the monk was once hanged from a hook in the bar area of the pub.

A hook still remains in the bar, that some believe was the original hook mentioned.

7. The Coopers Arms, Hitchin

The Coopers Arms in Hitchin is rumoured to be haunted by a white cat.

The animal has been frequently sighted walking through the pub's bar area and disappearing into a wall.

The pub's previous landlord owned a dog which would often bark unexpectedly at the wall.

The reason for this barking has never been discovered.