A St Albans cult low-fi band are selling the ultimate limited edition of their new LP - a one-off vinyl with a price tag of one million pounds.

Whether anyone will pay that amount of cash for a copy of The Pocket Gods' Vegetal Digital remains to be seen, but if you have a spare £1m in your back pocket then it can be found at Empire Records in Heritage Close.

Mark Lee from the band said: "With the proceeds from the sale we will start our own ethical streaming service called NubPlay where we pledge to pay both artists and songwriters at least 1p per stream (50 times Spotify's rate!).

"The band have been campaigning since 2015 for fairer royalties from the likes of Spotify with a series of Guinness Record breaking albums of 30 second songs. The idea of the 30 second song is that Spotify pays out a royalty after 30 seconds and no more - as it is so small £0.002 per stream why write longer songs?"