More than 86,000 people nationally - including around 10,000 from Hitchin and St Albans - have pledged to actively reduce their water usage in an attempt to 'Save Our Streams'.

Tens of thousands of people served by Affinity Water have signed up to the landmark movement, vowing to reduce the amount of water they use on a daily basis.

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Affinity Water's Save Our Streams campaign encourages people to waste less water and protect the UK's chalk streams. More than 8,000 St Albans residents and over 1,300 from Hitchin have now signed up after visiting the company's giant touring tub in May and June.


As part of the initiative, Affinity Water is calling on the British public to take action and save 21 million litres per day - equating to less than 10 litres per person, per day - or the equivalent of 140 million cups of tea, 37 million pints of water, 262,500 baths and 8.4 Olympic swimming pools.

To raise awareness for the campaign, a giant working bath 125 times the size of a regular tub has been on the road, and has already seen savings of over three million litres every day.

Jane Bellard, the SOS campaign project lead at Affinity Water, said: “This is a significant milestone in our ambition to get as many Affinity Water customers as possible to join this movement and take action to Save Our Streams.

“The UK is home to 85 per cent of the world’s 210 chalk streams. We need to treasure our water now for the precious and important resource that it is. Saving water at home will not only help us do this, it will support our efforts towards a zero-carbon future.”

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Coined ‘Britain’s Great Barrier Reef’, these rivers, which boast clear water from underground springs, are more endangered than both the Bengal tiger and black rhino.

To take action now and see how you can cut your water consumption, visit where you can gain access to your exact household’s water-use stats, as well as receive a a free water-saving kit plus free leak repairs and tailored advice from Affinity Water.