The first major storm this winter could bring travel mayhem and event disruption to Herts.

Meteorologists at the Met Office have issued two yellow warnings for our part of the country, with Storm Arwen bringing in wind and snow from the North Sea.


From midnight tonight, Hertfordshire residents, as well as others living up and down the country, should expect high winds - and that may cause some travel disruption and damage.

Winds are expected to batter the area through to 6pm, with snow warnings only in place until around 10am.

As a result, injuries and danger to life from flying debris is possible, as well as damage to trees, buildings and affected travel services.

Power cuts may occur, with the potential to affect other services, such as mobile phone coverage.

There is a slight chance that snowfall could cut off some rural communities.

Met Office spokesperson Stephen Dixon said that the south-east, though fairly windy, is "likely to escape the worst of the gusts", with the worst affected areas - namely, in Scotland - seeing gusts of wind clocking in at over 75mph.