With COVID-19 cases up by nearly 39 per cent week on week in the UK, cases of the Omicron variant are also spreading rapidly.

The latest data showing the number of confirmed cases by local authority as of December 13, as well as the number of suspected cases which are currently being sent off for testing, has been released.

There are 91 confirmed Omicron cases in St Albans, with 249 suspected cases - the highest number in Hertfordshire.

Meanwhile Welwyn Hatfield has 61 confirmed cases and 178 suspected cases.

North Herts comes next with 37 confirmed cases and 156 suspected, while Stevenage has 26 confirmed cases and 115 suspected cases.

Across the border in South Cambs there are only 17 confirmed cases and 74 suspected cases.

In Central Beds the number of confirmed cases is similar to North Herts - at 38 - however a whopping 315 suspected cases are undergoing further testing, meaning that potentially the area is worse affected than St Albans.