Hundreds of people across Hertfordshire were fined for breaking COVID-19 restrictions over the past year.

Meanwhile, a drinks party attended by approximately 40 people at the Downing Street garden during the first lockdown remains unpunished.

From March 27 2020 to December 19, 2021 police in England and Wales processed a total of 118,963 fixed penalty notices (FPNs) for breaches under the Health Protection (Coronavirus, Restrictions) Regulations 2020.

During that period, a total of 1,127 FPNs were issued in Hertfordshire. Six of those FPNs were for gatherings attended by more than 30 people, 33 were for failing to wear a face covering when required and four were for breaking self-isolating regulations.

This gives Hertfordshire a ranking of 35 for England, placing it at the lower end of the spectrum. The ranking is based on the number of FPNs per 100,000 people.

This data was provided by the National Police Chiefs' Council.