There were mixed reactions to the news that part of the 84 bus service will be revived by a new company after Metroline announced they will be scrapping the service.

While some residents rejoiced that they will still be able to travel from St Albans to Potters Bar via the 84, those wishing to go to New Barnet will have to find other means of transportation.

The new service, run by Sullivan Buses and part-supported by Hertfordshire County Council, will go from St Albans to Potters Bar only, missing out the final stop on its previous route: New Barnet.

The changes will come into effect on April 2, after this newspaper broke the story and a petition was set up in protest of the measures.

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Viera Loffler, 77, who lives in St Albans is "delighted that we can have the 84 bus service from St Albans to Potters Bar" - even if it is shorter than the existing route.

She uses the service with her partner to travel to Botany Bay Club's daytime jazz sessions in Enfield.

But Margaret Hefferman, 58, from Potters Bar, said: "It’s great news but still sad news. We need the route desperately for Barnet as well" because of the area's Royal Free Hospital. Those living in Potters Bar use that hospital for outpatient appointments.

Nik Malhotra, 31, from Potters Bar, agreed: "So we've only fixed half the problem. What about those who live in Potters Bar and rely on the 84 bus route to get to and from Barnet for work? My wife and mother do not drive and rely on the 84 to get into work in the morning and get back home in the evenings.

"The 84 bus route being removed will mean she would need to catch a cab service which is going to cost far more than a bus service. We have to remember this is the only bus route from Potters Bar that takes you into London."

Potters Bar local Simon Tshulak, 32, who set up the petition said: "This doesn’t benefit me whatsoever. I live on the section that will have no bus route.

"It’s frustrating seeing all these TfL routes running out of service constantly.

"Mum works at a school in Barnet and uses the bus to get to work. It isn’t practical for her to carry on working at the school as she wouldn’t be able to attend so unfortunately, she is thinking of going into early retirement."

Councillor Chris Myers (Potters Bar Furzefield ward) said: "Whilst this is a massive win for users, the section of the route that is, arguably, the most important for residents in Potters Bar and South Mimms is yet to have its fate decided.

"The Potters Bar to Barnet section of the 84, is the only service allowing many to access NHS services at Barnet General Hospital.

"My sincerest hope is that TFL or Herts County Council step in, as a matter of urgency, to ensure the future of this section. It is unthinkable that elderly residents lose this access."