We all enjoy letting our hair down every now and then, and have visited a range of venues in the process.

However, these nightclubs don’t last forever, and Hertfordshire has lost its fair share over the years.

Despite being unable to take one last drink in the bars that many memories have been made, we thought we’d put together a list of the clubs that Hertfordshire no longer possesses to remember them that way instead.

Here’s our list of nightclubs that the county has lost over the years:

Chicago's, Stevenage

Chicago’s in Stevenage once boasted ‘the best student night in town’, going out with one last hurrah on a fun-filled closing night.

The then-owners of the nightclub took the decision to close the bar in order for a renovation to take place, coinciding with a rebrand to Bar & Beyond.

%image(15464409, type="article-full", alt="The club posted on its Facebook page: “A huge thank you to everyone that truly made Chicago’s go out with a bang".")

The 43-day refit saw the club gutted and restyled and eventually relaunched with a new theme.

The bar posted on its Facebook page at the time: “A huge thank you to everyone that truly made Chicago’s go out with a bang.

“It was one of the best nights we’ve ever had. It’s been a pleasure having so many lovely people through the doors and creating some fantastic memories.”

Bar & Beyond, Stevenage

Formerly Chicago’s, Bar & Beyond also shut its doors for good, this time in Summer 2020.

The second iteration of the Deltic-owned club aimed to provide a more upmarket feel, with a bar and food room as well as a nightclub. It even boasted the title of ‘Biggest Nightclub Stevenage has ever Homed’ for a time.

%image(15464410, type="article-full", alt="Bar and Beyond closed in Summer 2020.")

A new ‘Battle Bar’ is now expected to take the place of the bar, featuring axe throwing and beer pong.

Flip Out Ltd have applied to change the use of the site, while Boom Battle Bar will be the new tenants if all goes through.

The Adelaide & Ice Bar, St. Albans

The Adelaide & Ice Bar in St Albans sat in prime location just off St. Peters Street, the main high street of the city.

A club with mixed reviews at the time, The Adelaide shut its doors in April 2009.

There has been much redevelopment of the area since the bar’s closure, with the local British Home Stores being redeveloped into a brand new hotel and up-market pub.

Club Veeda now sits in the location of the old Adelaide & Ice Bar, but even that bar’s future has been thrown into doubt in recent times.

Squash Nightclub, Welwyn Garden City

Located at Chequersfield’s Herts Country Club, Squash Nightclub was a popular venue amongst locals.

However, after a legal agreement between the club and Hertfordshire County Council was signed, work began for a new housing development by Wimpey Homes.

After 20 years in the business, the bar closed down for good in February 2005, allowing for the new housing estate to be completed.

Que Pasa - The Corn Exchange, Hitchin

The Corn Exchange in Hitchin has a long and intriguing history, a part of which saw the building converted into the Que Pasa nightclub between 2009 and 2013.

The club featured a glass roof, spreading the length of the bar, and promised food, drink, music and ‘great service’.

%image(15464412, type="article-full", alt="In 2009, the Corn Exchange opened up as a bar and nightclub, known as Que Pasa.")

The Corn Exchange, which has also been used as a craft market and pub, is now home to the Pitcher & Piano bar and restaurant.

The building, built for £2000 in 1853 and designed by local architect William Beck, continues to be a prominent landmark in the town.