A protest to save the Potters Bar to New Barnet section of the 84 bus route saw more than 150 demonstrators turn up despite the stormy weather.

Campaigners stood outside the Potters Bar bus garage on Saturday, braving high winds and temperamental rain from Storm Eunice to take a stand against Metroline's decision to axe the service.

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Not all is lost for the 84 route, however. Sullivan Buses will provide a new service running from Potters Bar to St Albans from April 2. But residents have argued they "desperately need" the route to Barnet to be saved as well.

Local resident Marney Vee said: "Only half the problem has been fixed.

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"The bus into Barnet connects Hertfordshire to London. It is vital it remains for those travelling to school, work, hospitals, shops and for a social life.

Ali Wah agreed, commenting: "Frankly, it's like someone stealing your purse then giving your Tesco Clubcard back!

"It's not much use to anyone who needs to get to the hospital. A lot of people don't have cars and can't afford taxis and there is limited parking at the hospital."

Councillor Chris Myers (Potters Bar, Furzefield Ward), who helped to organise the protest, said: "There was an incredible turnout at the protest.

"The strength of feeling and the lifeline that the Potters Bar to Barnet section of this route is cannot be underestimated.

"It was really useful to hear bus users stories and the hardship this will cause. I’ll be ensuring all this information is passed to the two relevant authorities.

"TfL and Herts County Council must step up now and ensure the Barnet sections survival."

Nik Oakley, who attended the protest on Saturday, said: "It was a great turnout demonstrating the feelings of local residents.

It is clear that they are fearful of not being able to reach Potters Bar Community Hospital, Barnet Hospital, the schools and college in Barnet and High Barnet Tube station."

Our photographer captured the spirit of the moment.

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%image(15464167, type="article-full", alt="People of all ages gathered to save the Potters Bar to Barnet section of the 84.")

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A TfL spokesperson said: “We have been in discussions with Hertfordshire County Council since we were informed that the current operator would no longer be running the route 84 from St Albans through to Potters Bar and New Barnet from April.

"We continue to discuss what the most appropriate option is for the Potters Bar – Barnet section of the route, which whilst predominantly in Hertfordshire, does also serve parts of London.”