Some big names are missing from the list of candidates standing for re-election to St Albans district council.

A selection of former representatives from across the political spectrum have decided not to put their names into the hat ahead of May's elections.

They include one-time business portfolio holder Mandy McNeil - who led the charge for gazebos to replace stalls at St Albans Charter Market - plus previous Mayors of St Albans Annie Brewster and Iqbal Zia and well-known independent Roma Mills.

Also stepping down are Rob Prowse, Roger Butterworth, Lisa Scriven, Helen Packenham, Clare Julian, Will Jankowski, Karen Young, Thomas Chapman, Will Tucker, Sue Featherstone, Stephen Barratt, Chris Davies and Sandra Wood.

The full list of candidates for May are as follows:


Danielle Durant-Taylor (Green)

Iain Charles Grant (Labour)

Sinéad Keeley Howland (Liberal Democrats)

Jenni Murray (Liberal Democrats)

Liz Needham (Liberal Democrats)

Mal Pakenham (Labour)

Lucy Swift (Green)

Louise Christine Tallon (Conservative)

Bernards Heath

Nadia Bishara (Green)

Helen Campbell (Liberal Democrats)

Jane Cloke (Labour)

Stephane Farenga (Green)

Ambrose Killen (Conservative)

Jez Levy (Liberal Democrats)

Pam Maisey (Green)

Mangala Leeladhar Patil Mead (Liberal Democrats)


Ed Bailey (Labour)

Matthew Fisher (Green)

David Kaloczi (Conservative)

Josie Madoc (Liberal Democrats)

Mark Anthony Pedroz (Liberal Democrats)

Gregory S RIener (Green Party)

Gabriel Roberts (Green Party)

Chris White (Liberal Democrats)

Colney Heath

Chris Brazier (Liberal Democrats)

Laurence Stuart Chester (Labour)

Graham Stanley Leonard (Conservative)

Rosalind Mary Paul (Green)


Robert Francis Donald (Liberal Democrats)

Rachael Juliette Drewitt (Conservative)

Roly Everall (Liberal Democrats)

Phil Fletcher (Green)

Caroline Hall (Green)

Geoff Harrison (Liberal Democrats)

John Mackenzie Paton (Labour)

Harpenden East

Dason Canning (Liberal Democrats)

Paul David De Kort (Liberal Democrats)

Christopher Hugh Gillen (Labour)

Teresa Catherine Heritage (Conservative)

Pip Liver (Liberal Democrats)

Mary Maynard (Conservative)

Kieran Mitchell (Conservative)

Ian Troughton (Green)

Harpenden North & Rural

Paul Cousin (Conservative)

Madeleine Alexia Rowena D'Rosario (Conservative)

Stephen Folwell (Green)

Ed Moore (Liberal Democrats)

Bert Pawle (Conservative)

Ayesha Rohale (Liberal Democrats)

Linda Ann Spiri (Labour)

Candy Whittome (Green)

Allison Frances Wren (Liberal Democrats)

Harpenden South

Mark Nicholas Beashel (Conservative)

David Earnee Crew (Labour)

Brian Ellis (Conservative)

Zoe Frances Galvin (Liberal Democrats)

David Heritage (Conservative)

Sally Leonard (Green)

Maddie Liver (Liberal Democrats)

Anne McQuade (Green)

Lucy Melanie Woutera Priggen (Liberal Democrats)

Harpenden West

Matt Cowley (Conservative)

Julian Francis Daly (Conservative)

John Noel Peter Galvin (Liberal Democrats)

Fiona Gaskell (Liberal Democrats)

Susan Griffiths (Conservative)

Gill Haynes (Liberal Democrats)

Philip Moura (Labour)

Kyle Riley (Green)

Louise Schlich (Green)

Julian William Wathen (Green)

Hill End

Lesley Baker (Green)

Sudha Bharadia (Conservative)

Steven Roger Clark (Labour)

Peter Alister Evan Cook (Independent)

Jamie Day (Liberal Democrats)

Marianne Jordan (Green)

Khawar Azmat Ullah Mughal (Liberal Democrats)

Anthony Francis Rowlands (Liberal Democrats)

London Colney ward

Simon James Calder (Conservative)

Winston Davis (Liberal Democrats)

Guy David Gampell (Liberal Democrats)

Katherine Lucy Gardner (Labour)

Sarah Gillhespy (Green)

Jim Hopkins (Labour)

Tony Lillico (Liberal Democrats)

Matthew Maddock (Green)

Andy Osborne (Labour)

Sarah Georgina Tallon (Conservative)

Liz Winstone (Conservative)

Marshalswick East & Jersey Farm

Lyn Bolton (Conservative)

Stephen Clough (Green)

Elissa Josephine Dacosta-Waldman (Liberal Democrats)

Lorraine Kirby (Liberal Democrats)

Frances Mary Leonard (Conservative)

James Lomas (Green)

Nick Pullinger (Labour)

Beric Jonathan Read (Conservative)

Raj Visram (Liberal Democrats)

Marshalswick West ward

Tom Clegg (Conservative)

Don Deepthi (Conservative)

Michael Mortimer Jones (Liberal Democrats)

Simon Richard Mostyn (Liberal Democrats)

Anthony William Nicholson (Labour)

Clare Sayce (Green Party)

Rachel Timbs (Green Party)

Park Street ward

Syed Abidi (Liberal Democrats)

Alexandra Faika Clark (Conservative)

Richard Patrick Curthoys (Conservative)

Martin Gerard McGrath (Labour)

Stella Maria Nita Nash (Conservative)

Alison Park-Crowne (Green Party)

Mark Park-Crowne (Green Party)

John Parry (Liberal Democrats)

Nuala Webb (Liberal Democrats)

Redbourn ward

Lucinda Mary Carney (Liberal Democrats)

Andy Hayes (Labour Party)

Victoria Caroline Mead (Conservative)

David Mitchell (Independent)

Dee Thomas (Green Party)

Symon Vegro (Labour)

Jane Ann West (Conservative)

Sandridge & Wheathampstead ward

Gill Clark (Conservative)

Lynn Cunningham (Liberal Democrats)

Claudio Duran (Conservative)

Kristian Parnell Gavan (Liberal Democrats)

Salih Gaygusuz (Conservative)

Jon Hegerty (Labour)

Oliver James Hitch (Green Party)

Sharon Claire Hollingsworth (Liberal Democrats)

Sopwell ward

Jagat Mohan Chatrath (Labour)

Jack Edward Easton (Green Party)

Mark Antony Ewington (Communist Party of Britain)

Tricia Gibbons (Green Party)

Muki Gorar (Liberal Democrats)

Pia Honey (Independent)

Emma Lillian Matanle (Liberal Democrats)

Heather Christine Rench (Conservative)

Sarwar Shamsher (Liberal Democrats)

Janet Smith (Labour)

St Peters ward

David James Byatt (Labour)

Georgie Callé (Conservative)

Danny Clare (Liberal Democrats)

Simon Grover (Green Party)

Jacqui Taylor (Liberal Democrats)

Paul Verity (Conservative)

St Stephen ward

Kate Bennett (Green Party)

Janet Elizabeth Blackwell (Labour Party)

Giles Leon Fry (Liberal Democrats)

Susana Garcia (Green Party)

Ajanta Hilton (Liberal Democrats)

Aaron Steven Edward Jacob (Conservative)

Vladimir Jirasek (Liberal Democrats)

Adrian Charles Ruffhead (Christian Peoples Alliance)

Joshua Callister Varghese (Conservative)

Dave Winstone (Conservative)

Verulam ward

Jordan Barnes (Green Party)

Veronique Corney (Green Party)

Susan Devi (Conservative)

Dawn Gamble (Liberal Democrats)

Edgar Hill (Liberal Democrats)

Geoff Meade (Labour)

Andrew Warwick-Thompson (Liberal Democrats)