With a red weather warning for extreme heat in place, keepers at Paradise Wildlife Park are trying their best to keep the Hertfordshire zoo's animals cool.

As the wildlife park stays open to the public, it is not only their visitors who will be enjoying a cool, tasty treat over the next couple of days as temperatures soar.

The zoo’s keepers are set to go with ice lollies, water pools and hoses to keep their animals, especially the big cats, refreshed in the searing heat.

Across the site in White Stubbs Lane, visitors will be able to see animals enjoying cool ways to remain chilled in the heat.

The Broxbourne zoo's pride of white lions will be enjoying blood ice lollies.

Cam Whitnall says in a Paradise Wildlife Park Instagram video: "So it's super hot today, so the team have provided ice lollies for our lions.

"They keep our cats cool in hot weather and it has been super hot lately. They're a really tasty treat.

"Lions obviously love blood as they're carnivores.

"It's enriching and stimulating for them and something they wouldn't usually experience and they just genuinely love it."

Infamous snow leopards Jessie and Panja, who are internet stars, have also been enjoying blood ice lollipops this morning to remain cool for the rest of the day.

These blood ice lollies act as a unique and fun form of summer enrichment whilst keeping them cool.

Paradise's Amur tigers, Aleena and Siberia, have been cooling off in their private pool where visitors can enjoy viewing their swimming antics in the underwater viewing area.

A spokesperson said: "All the animals across Paradise Wildlife Park will be enjoying staying cool from the heat with the special care and attention they receive from their dedicated zoo keeping team who are battling the heat to ensure all their animals keep cool and comfy."

As for visitors, there's a splash park where you can cool off from the summer heat, with a slide for children too. Paradise Lagoon is included within the ticket price and no additional ticket is needed.

Visit www.pwpark.com to book tickets.