Herts County Council to consider 20mph speed limit for roads in and around St Albans

The 20's Plenty campaign aims to reduce the speed of roads across Hertfordshire, including St Albans, from 30mph from 20mph.

The 20's Plenty campaign aims to reduce the speed of roads across Hertfordshire, including St Albans, from 30mph from 20mph. Picture: Colin Hodges - Credit: Archant

A petition to introduce a 20mph speed limit in towns and villages in Hertfordshire will be considered, after the campaign reached its target of 250 signatures in just one day.

Hertfordshire County Council’s Highways Panel will discuss a default 20mph limit at their meeting on November 19.

Colin Hodges, 20’s Plenty for St Albans district campaigner, said: “We are delighted at how quickly local people have come forward and signed our petition. It’s great to see the support for lower speed limits for Hertfordshire towns and villages.”

An overwhelming number of residents wanted the speed of a road to be based on safety and the environment, rather than the current speed of vehicles.

Colin added: “Lower speeds make roads safer, quieter, can reduce air pollution and, with more people cycling and walking, boost trade at local shops. We are delighted that so many people have already come forward to sign our petition asking Hertfordshire County Council for 20mph to replace 30mph.

“Already, 40 local authorities across the UK have opted to lower speed limits, and we think it’s time for Hertfordshire residents to benefit from lower speed limits too.”

In the meeting later this month, the Hertfordshire Highways Cabinet Panel will meet to discuss amendments to the draft Speed Management Strategy.

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Having collected over 250 signatures on their petition, a member of 20’s Plenty for Hertfordshire will speak at the meeting, asking for 20mph to become the default speed limit for towns and villages in the county.

On October 20, Cllr John Hale put forward a motion to Herts County Council supporting the cause. He stated: “Adopt a 20mph speed limit as the default speed limit in areas where vulnerable road users and vehicles mix in a frequent and planned manner...noting that efforts to reduce speed in general will have a beneficial impact on air quality and climate change as well as being vital to reduce road traffic deaths and injuries.”

The Hertfordshire Speed Management Strategy will provide the framework for evaluating all proposed changes to speed limits, including those to introduce new 20mph zones.

“It’s important we act now,” added Colin, “Unless we can persuade the Herts County Council Highways Cabinet Panel to enable town or village wide 20mph areas in the Speed Management Strategy now, it will be almost impossible for 20mph to become the default speed limit in St Albans or anywhere else in the county.”

To sign the petition, visit Hertfordshire County Council’s website.