A community meadow in St Albans which has long been under threat of development may be the subject of a new planning application.

Residents on the Verulam Estate heard from surveyors working on Bedmond Lane meadow this week that there is likely to be a planning application soon to build houses on the site.

Timothy Beecroft, chairman of the Verulam Residents Association, said: “The site, owned by Cala Homes, a developer of luxury homes, now owned by Legal & General, has been the subject of a number of planning applications all of which have been vigorously opposed by local residents.

“And this is not just because the local infrastructure, in particular the King Harry roundabout, is already regularly overwhelmed.

“This is a site of national importance archaeologically. Everybody knows about the Romans, but even before that there were people living here, on this site that is now under threat.

“And we also know that there are important and rare flowers on the site.

“If anywhere needs protecting, Bedmond Lane Field needs protecting."

The meadow had been listed as an asset of community value (ACV) since 2014, but its status expired in March 2019.

A previous planning application, which was met with objections from campaigners, saw permission granted for horses to graze on the site. Developers saw this as the first step in allowing housing to be built.